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ELECTRONIC KEYBOARD BASICS: An introduction to the course

The electronic keyboard is one of the underdogs of the instrumental world. It has no place in the orchestra, rarely appears in solo recitals, and its auto-accompaniments are of no use to jazz and rock bands. But the fact that it turns up in people's front rooms indicates that the keyboard does have a place in the musical world. It's become indispensible in the classroom, and its domestic, intimate character links it strongly to the keyboard instruments of the past. Read more...

Electronic Keyboard Basics 1 is designed to provide a gently progressive introduction to learning the keyboard. My aim was to create pieces that were attractive and fun, right from the outset, but that would give students a strong musical foundation. Read more...   click on the book to buy it




Electronic Keyboard Basics 2 is for students who've worked through book 1 and are now ready to expand their repertoire and deepen their understanding of how music works. I introduce bass clef and key signatures, along with scales, manually-played triads, and a whole host of musical styles. The familiar routines of Basics 1 are still here to give support: Drumkit Dynamo to help with rhythm and co-ordination, Finger Rambles for dexterity and reading skills; Group activities, and the same cute characters (created by artist Drew Hillier) enliven the pages with their tips and quizzes. Click on the book to buy it 

Sarah Walker's Monster Collection is a repertoire book, to help motivate and inspire students who are getting close to finishing Electronic Keyboard Basics 1, or who are working through Basics 2. Each piece is inspired by some sort of mutant beast, alien or dinosaur, and I've included a fact file to warn you if they're friendly or not. Click on the book to buy it 

Sarah Walker's Christmas Collection contains seasonal repertoire - not just traditional English carols, but Christmas music from around the world. The Electronic keyboard comes into its own in many of these tunes - spirituals gain a rhythmic lilt, and some of the ancient folk melodies have a magical atmosphere.                        Click on the book to buy it 



The Princess Piano Book is the first in my Faber series Just For Kids, and it aims to transport young pianists into a magical world. My aim was to encourage the student with the easiest possible arrangements of tunes they love: melodies from Disney cartoons such as Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella and Snow White. There are also simple folk and classical tunes, and plenty of original pieces featuring waltzing mice, encounters with pirates and clocks striking midnight. The overall standard is pre-Grade 1. Click on the book to buy it 


In The Superhero Piano Book you will find the easiest possible arrangements of many favourite action themes, from Batman, Star Wars, James Bond, Superman and the Lion King. The original pieces are inspired by other familiar heroes such as Zorro, there's a folktune inspired by Dick Turpin, and a simple arrangement of Handel's march, See, the Conquering Hero Comes. Ideal for young superheros who haven't yet reached Grade 1.Click on the book to buy it 


The Magic Piano Book enters the world of Harry Potter, Scooby Doo and Mary Poppins, with ultra-simple arrangements and original pieces inspired by wizards, hypnotists, goblins and rainbows.  I hope the book will appeal to girls and boys alike, who are at a level pre-Grade 1. And grown-ups might enjoy a nostalgic folksong which I've re-named The Magic Toadstool...Click on the book to buy it 




 The Christmas Piano Book contains all the essential traditional carols, arranged as simply as possible (pre-Grade 1), and a sprinkling of more modern Christmas tunes such as Walking in the Air from the Snowman, Mary's Boy Child, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. I remember how much fun I had with the Eleanor Franklin Pike Christmas books - I hope my own contribution will be just as enjoyable and easy to play, while introducing the contemporary tunes that today's children love. Click on the book to buy it 

The Strictly Dancing Piano Book enters the glamorous world of ballroom dancing, which has inspired children and grown-ups alike. For fans of Latin, there are ultra-easy pieces ranging from tango to rumba and cha-cha; an elegant foxtrot, and some high-energy disco numbers, including Abba's Dancing Queen and Bop to the Top from High School Musical. Click on the book to buy it