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I've been involved in broadcasting since 1988 - firstly working at the BBC Popular Music Library (see photo below), where I gained some valuable insights into the workings of Radio 2, which at that time had a huge output of live music. After working there for a year or so, I moved to the Orpheus office (Radio 3's database), and finally found a role as a presenter, mainly for BBC Radio 3. Since 1992 I've presented programmes including Midnight Oil, Hear and Now, Performance on 3, Morning on 3, Afternoon Performance, The Proms, A Bach Christmas, The Beethoven Experience, The Chopin Experience, Mendelssohn Weekend, Schumann 200, New Generation Artists, Lunchtime Concerts, CD Review, Classical Collection, Start the Week and Midweek (both Radio 4), BBC Young Musicians (BBC 2 television) and Attractions (Channel 5 television). My current show is Essential Classics, also presented by Rob Cowan and broadcast on Radio 3 between 9 and 12 every weekday morning. Click here to learn more about Essential Classics, and here to watch my presenter video.

The BBC Popular Music Library, Xmas 1989: those phones never stopped ringing...