Hi there, I'm Sarah Walker, and I'm a musician, writer, broadcaster, and very keen amateur artist. This site reflects various aspects of my work: I'll take you into the background of Radio 3's Essential Classics, there's information on my Faber Music series for piano and keyboard, details of my CDs, and round-ups of my thoughts on various aspects of musicianship. You can also download my PhD thesis on English Experimental Music, if you're into that sort of thing. It's now nearly 20 years since I wrote the thesis - how time flies - but I hope the curious minded will still find one or two useful insights in it! Slightly more up-to-date is my novel, Adult Beginners - click on the menu to your left.

I hope you'll check out my Creativity Blog Helping people to develop their creative potential is one of my passions - I trained as a creativity coach with Eric Maisel, one of the world's leading authors on this fascinating subject, and whatever your area, I hope you'll find something here that will help to spur you along. You'll find a few of my own paintings on the blog, too.

Come back soon!